Tuesday, March 22, 2011

D D D D D.......



Welcome to the family once again Dora!
Feel free to bring Diego and boots as they are little celebrities as well!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mommy & Ellie's Date

Tonight Ellie and I went on the BEST DATE EVER!!!

It was Eleanor's turn to pick where we went and she had 2 requirements: 
#1 "It has to have an Escalator, because I love them" 
#2 "I really want to go to the make-up store and have them put make-up on me!" 
(a.k.a. a cosmetic counter)
A few things leading up to this date:
  • She wanted to pick out her own outfit (dang good job), chose her own 'cessories ( about 5 bracelets, that necklace,  and her "flower bow to match "this cute shirt")& wear some "carfume" (babydoll, by Ives St. Laurent)
  • She decided we "must" watch Diego's Dinosaur Rescue in the car!
  • I walked out of my room ready to go and this girl of mine says to me:
"Ooh mom I really like that red shirt, and those boots look cute. Are you going to wear a necklace or bracelets?" 
"Oh good, I think you should!
" What coat are you going to wear" 
"Well what coat do you think I should wear?"
"I want us both to wear our jean coats, since we're already matching with our boots!"
Then she did a little clap and went in to get her jean coat out of her closet!!

Some people say I am in trouble with her, but really it is so fun for me! I'll regret it later but for now I am going to enjoy every second of her!!

So now we're off to the Mall!!
We decided to go to Nordstrom first...why not? 

All the make-up girls were oohing and awing as this adorable girl walks right up to philosophy for her lotion sample (she's learned the ropes reeeaaal good) and to get blush and lip gloss (orange popsicle please!), then goes over to M.A.C. for eyeshadow ("they have the best colors"). She got up in the chair and said 
"I want some purple eyeshadow for my eyes since it will match my shirt, and some pink on my lips please and something with sparkles (as she twinkles her fingers at her)!"

I think every employee from the surrounding counters came up to say something to her at one point!

We left with a bag full of samples, perfume, creme shadows, lotions etc. 
HEAVEN for a girl's girl!

  Of course we needed a photo session...we tried to stop at the little picture studio in the mall but it was all booked up for the night...so we headed to the lounge in Nordstrom's (a.k.a. one of the best places on earth, I just like being there)

 This one is Ellie's Favorite

 And off to "the ice cream place where you get tiny spoons and can get gummy bears on pink ice cream"....Cold Stone, Check!

another little thrill came, as a couple from a High School Dance came in and the girl was wearing a really froofy dress....Ellie leaned over the table to whisper "Mom, it looks like a princess just walked into this ice cream store!" She was so brave to go up and tell the girl that she really liked her dress and that she looked really pretty in it!
I cannot tell you how happy I am to be this girl's Mother. 
Eleanor: Thank you for being the happiest, sweetest girliest girl! Love you Princess Pants!

This night was really really one for the books!

I always think of something Heather told me long ago.... 
"Having a boy is wonderful but they grow up and belong to their wife, Girls though, are always their Mom's"

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day!

It's Time
Why do I love random holidays so very much? 
I guess it helps me try to make fun memories for my kids and gives me something to look forward to!

So here's to 3.14....

For Dinner we're having Chicken Pot Pi followed with some warm Apple Pi!

I'll add some pictures of the kiddos enjoying this auspicious occasion later!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Chinese New Year: Preschool Style

Oscar and Eleanor's Class has an aide that was born and raised mostly in China, so she helped them go all out for a Chinese New Year's Celebration
Some of the Highlights were: Learning a Dragon Dance, Making Lanterns and Dragon Masks, Cooking Chinese Noodles, Listening to lots of Folk Stories. 

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's from ours to yours!
We sure hope your's was hot!! 

P.S. it's dangerous to have such adorable kids, no husband home to reign you in and a ready camera!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011